CherryPad Price and Review - Android Tablet

Published: 09th March 2011
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The CherryPad America 7-inch tablet runs Android 2. 1, sports a 7-inch resistive touchscreen display and Wi-Fi and charges just $188. The CherryPad is neither an iPad destroyer nor an iPad duplicate, itís a totally different product suitable for an alternative market.

You donít get a camera or video output, or Flash. If youíre interested in taking pictures with your tablet or video chatting, youíre far better off with devices much like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

the CherryPad falls down a bit where Cherrypal chose to cut sides from a cost view. The device needs another 256MB of MEMORY (for 512MB total) including a higher quality touch screen (perhaps a 1GHz CPU? ) and that could have probably forced its price to the $250 mark or higher certainly. Nevertheless, for better overall experience and usability, and heck, toss in a web cam while we're at it, we'd offer that most will happily spend the upcharge.

Cherry Pad Tab Specs:

Android 2.1 Operating System

Telechips ARM11 800 MHz Processor

256 MB DDR2 Memory

Storage: 2 GB NAND Flash (plus 16 GB through Micro SD card

Connectivity 3G, Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi

No Camera

7-inch resistive touch screen Display

800x480 pixels resolution

7.9 x 5.2 x 0.5 inches dimensions

3200 MAh rechargable lithium-polymer battery

14.7 oz Weight

CherryPad Price: $188

CherryPal would be the first to acknowledge that the CherryPad is a low-end device. I mean, getting a fully-functional Android device within $200 is a task, although numbers of such devices are starting to swell. Yet when just a few more money might get you a Archos 70, I wonder whether reducing the price that far produces much more in the way of value.

The device needs another 256MB of RAM (for 512MB total) and a better touch screen (perhaps a 1GHz CPU? ) and that would have most likely pushed its price to the $250 mark or higher perhaps. Still, for better overall experience as well as usability, probably the most would happily pay the upcharge.

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